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The Misuse of God

Religions have been using God�s name as an excuse to wreak havoc across our World for thousands of years. They�ve insisted that God wanted them to Kill � Rape � Conquer � Subjugate and Control: all in the name of God. If God cared, or was even aware of us, I don�t think It would be pleased.

The reality is that MAN has MISUSED God for his own gains.

Long ago, a few smart men realized that they could influence others through superstition and, over the millennia, those skills have only improved�They have been the �Controllers� of our Restrained Evolution as a Global Society. They have gone out their way to Separate Us; to Weaken us; simply to maintain their control.

Today, the �Controllers�, are our Politicians and Money Men. Yes� Money Men� You see, a long time ago, they ALSO figured out that they could FURTHER Control us by creating a Monetary System. Before that all �Commerce� was done by Trade, Barter or Conquest. The Money Men wanted a way in which to PROFIT from these transactions. This is where the cancer of MONEY began�

The Cancer of PROFIT�

Truth #1 - The NEED for Money is the Root of ALL Evil

ALL the world�s problems stem from one thing: A VERY small group of men who want to own everything and care nothing for Humanity. It is their greed which sucks the life from the rest of us.
MONEY has been the �Tool� which allowed them to subjugate us�

Truth #2 - You are �Programmed� to consume and crave �Things�

In ALL �Civilized� countries, children are indoctrinated into the �Consumer Matrix� without ever realizing it. Remember, the Brainwashed DO NOT KNOW they are Brainwashed� Even the Third World countries now enjoy the same addiction, as our Corporations gladly sell them our left-overs� Left-over Medicine, Dangerous chemicals deemed not �Safe enough� for Americans, unsafe manufactured items, it goes on and on�

All in the name of the False God PROFIT.

Truth #3 � You have been Tricked by the Work for Heaven Model

Have you ever wondered WHY Church and State have always gotten along with each other; more or less? The Money Men learned a LONG time ago that if The Church could �Control� the People, then the THEY could just let the Church �Do its thing� and keep us under control. They would further control us through the Monetary\Justice Systems. We�ll talk about Work and Justice another time�

I think I�ve probably overwhelmed you enough for today so let�s open up to discussion.

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Is God REAL?

I thought I�d get to this one right away, as it is the CORE of My Word�

Real is a Subjective Term because many things can be �Real� to Many People and Yet still NOT be TRUE.

BTW; just a side note, FACTS are FACTS!
There is no such thing as Alternative Facts!

Yes, God is real... That much is obvious but, WHAT IS God?

That is the Real Question here�

God is Creation and Existence and All the Matter and Energy in The Universe. Additionally, God is Thought, Will, and Love�

The Creator, God; left ITS WILL for The Universe, but ,God is NOT �Involved�; other than having

Bequeathed Us Its Essence, to Evolve from�.

It is the Life Force which inhabits the entire Universe�

Think about that! ALL that Energy? Wow�

Are you aware that you and I are ALL made up of Stars!

What Religion calls �Soul� I call the �Touch of God�, and it is the combination of ALL Waveforms of Light and Energy which just happened to be Where You Were, at Birth, and How Many and of What Type They were, and They �Imprint� a �Template� from which you evolve as an individual�

It�s that simple...Gods Spirit Provides a PATH for You!

Haven�t you noticed how On Point Horoscopes can be, as far as an Overview of a Person? I�m NOT talking about Divining the Future however, Imagine that this is True ,and as Every Celestial Body Moves in Space and Time, who knows what Affects you could feel, as they Change Constantly� and this could, very well, Affect Moods and Behaviors�

Makes More Sense than an Anthropomorphic White Haired �White Guy� making a bunch of Arbitrary Rules and Regulations�

Now ask yourselves this, IF a Loving and forgiving God, (This is just the Latest Version by the way. Before that He was a Vengeful Demigod, but that Model Worked Well until the People got Smarter; then they had to institute the �Nice Guy� Model), how could He Ignore Reality?

If He Truly Existed, as a Discreet Consciousness, and Had The Abilities We Attribute to Him, and IF He were �Involved�; do you REALLY think He would�ve Allowed all the Worlds History of Violence, Repression and Misery to happen? The Atrocities?

Long Ago, MEN decided to USE the Idea of God to Manipulate HOW You Live, Think, Worship; How and Who, You LOVE; Convinced to Fight Wars for THEM, and DIE for THEM; simply to Make More Profit�

Don�t forget: War is Big Business for The Money Men�

The Church has used the Concept of Heaven and Hell, and Created the Concept of Sin to Control You�

You are told that God LOVES You and forgives You for Your Sins;


Well, the LOVE part is Very Important, the Sin part; Not So Much.

Truth #4 - Sin is a Subjective Judgement wielded by Man; not God.

The Church invented �Sins� as a Way to Control both Your Behavior AND Your Desires; Your Passions and Curiosity�

They did NOT want you to learn anything other than Their Doctrine; and the Creation of Sin gave them their �Blinders�;

To keep you Ignorant.

This is why The Church Killed so many Scientists when they Disagreed with their �Teachings�. This is ALSO WHY The Church has been Changing Over the Years; Adapting to their Evolving �Flocks�.
They did not want you to learn This Truth:

Truth #5 LOVE is God

This is where the True Power of God comes from:
Through LOVE; Through Passion�

This is the �Great Truth� that has been HIDDEN from You! This is WHY they have all their Rules and Laws; to keep You Unhappy and Subservient; Trapped on The Wheel of Life, Unable to Jump Off,

Looking for a Savior�

There was another Purpose to the Creation of the Monetary System;


Through Consumerism, The Money Men have kept us under control,
in our little boxes, and they even Distract us with Media;
The Great Evil\Blessing.

Media was Created SOLELY to Promote Consumerism; Period.

Through Consumerism AND Media,(And remember; The Church is part of Media), you have been �Programmed� to believe that life is all about going to School and Church, (For programming), getting a Job, (To Jump on the Wheel), then get Married and have Children, (To Propagate the Religion and create more Worker Drones),
and Finally To DIE�

Oh yeah, and if You Follow the �Rules�, there�s a Great Reward, Awaiting YOU, in the �Next Life�. 

Easy to Promise Yet Impossible to Prove�

This is WHY They also invented FAITH:

The GREAT Controller\Repressor of Humanity

Church and State have Used FAITH to

�Compel� Your Obedience, to THEIR Ideals; NOT Yours�
All the while, the Money Men are Leaching Your Sweat and Tears
into their Bank Accounts.

This Lesson only Touches on the Topic of the Misuse of God �
Over Time, I will be expounding on All My Teachings�

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