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As the countries that border the Arctic circle scramble to claim control and exploit the newly available resources made available by the loss of sea ice there, and Lord Franklin's dream of a Northwest Passage to the Beaufort Sea becomes a reality, we willfully ignore the price to be paid....and we will pay dearly.
     We have already tipped the scales where global greenhouse gases are concerned, as trillions of tons of methane, trapped for millions of years, is now escaping from the ocean floor
and the melting permafrost of the tundra. This methane carries ten times the greenhouse effect of the equivalent amount of CO2 and other pollutants released by man's use of carbon based energy...coal and oil and the like.

      If we ceased all use of coal and oil today...right now...it would have no effect on the coming calamity. The time for meaningful change passed 25 years ago, so go ahead...drill baby, drill!

     The extreme weather events we are seeing right now are just the beginning of something
mankind has never witnessed. Global weather patterns have remained fairly stable for hundreds of thousands of years, and have allowed the species of mankind to spread the world over from a few isolated tribes in "sweet spots" around the world where our species could thrive.
    But a hundred thousand years is barely a deep breath in planetary terms, and the new era we have created on this world will likely last at least a hundred thousand years, and will witness the near extinction of the human race.

   We will once again be just a few isolated tribes scattered around the globe in "sweet spots" where the new climate paradigm will still allow crops, cattle and drinkable water necessary for our survival.....I'm being optimistic here, as I am counting on the planet to NOT develop a runaway greenhouse effect that will turn Earth into another Venus.

     Our "Best Case Scenario" will see mass starvation and disease all over the world, as our ability to grow crops diminishes. We are so overpopulated that even a small hiccup in our crop production causes mass starvation in the poorest nations around the world....what happens when crop production drops by 80% or more and stays down! steadily declining from there for years on end?
     The part I don't want to see, and might see in the few years I have left on this big blue ball,
is the breakdown of society and the loss of our "humanity" as governments topple and chaos
grips humankind the world over.

CHRIST! They're talking about loss of coastal cities like New Orleans and New York, and the reshaping of the Florida peninsula due to sea level rise......Folks, that'll be the LEAST of our problems!
    Long before that happens we'll be seeing food riots and people killing each other over drinkable water.
  Mankind's "stewardship" of this planet is at an end. Beginning now.

   Earth has a remarkable resilience and has witnessed many calamities and extinction level events in its' 4.5 billion year history, and I believe it will reach an equilibrium on the far side of this 100,000 year era, providing it doesn't slip into a Venus state.
   I don't have the scientific knowledge to predict whether it will become a desert planet, or an ice world during the coming millennia, but even the best climate scientists will admit that it's impossible to accurately predict how Earth will react, but react it will. That is guaranteed.
   Mankind is pretty resilient as well, and I believe some remnant of humanity will survive to tell the tale, and if they do, the distant future generations will be wiser and much humbler than the mankind we know and love today. Yes, we are going to be knocked down a peg or three, but once you've had your ass kicked by Mother Nature, if you survive it, you don't forget it!

We will develop a healthy respect for the big blue ball we call home, and maybe some understanding of our place on it.
    We are not, and never have been "Stewards" of Planet Earth.
We are just the lucky recipients of the ideal life giving characteristics of a planet with the one in a million set of scenarios that led to the miracle of advanced life in this universe.
   Unfortunately for us, our intelligence developed faster than our wisdom, and our greed outstripped our common sense. All the while our belief that we are somehow ordained by a greater power to be "stewards" of this world led us to believe that what is good for us in the moment, is willed by God, and that our blessed intelligence could save us from our own self destruction.
   Our belief in a higher power, and seeing ourselves as "Children of God" helped the human race immeasurably for thousands of years to develop from tribal hunter gatherers into a society,
and helped to keep our animal instincts in check to enable Homo sapiens to evolve into what we are today. But in the end, that belief has failed us, because it caused us to "separate" from Nature and the planet that gave us birth, something you don't see other species on this planet doing....even the most intelligent ones, dolphins, whales, elephants, all have high social order, intelligence and communication skills, but they live within their natural place on Earth.

   We have lost our humility, and we are about to be seriously humbled by our Mother Earth.

Copyright 2017 by Dennis Putscher. All Rights Reserved.

I know you think you've seen it all, But you ain't looking beyond your walls. I know you think you know it all, But I just see the pride before the fall. I was pondering a few inexplicable actions by the U.S. government recently.  I could not understand why President Obama, who I believe to be a highly intelligent And honorable man, would appoint the ex CEO of Monsanto Corp. to a head up the FDA, and why he would  allow a bill to be snuck into law such as the "Monsanto Protection Act" as it is known.   On the surface, this seems quite immoral and corrupt, as Monsanto is a monstrous company. They are attempting to control the production of food in this country, and that bill makes them immune to prosecution for what one could see as crimes against humanity.  At the same time the government is road blocking every attempt at GMO labeling for food, as this would allow consumers to take action at the check out counter, where it would hurt Monsanto most....you can't boycott it if you don't know it's there.    What is going on here? Why would an honorable man allow these things to happen? Something is missing....hidden    And then it hit me...the misguided concept of the greater good,  or the lesser evil, depending on how you look at it. They are preparing for famine. An ecological collapse that is not only inevitable, but already underway.   Why protect Monsanto? Because we are going to need them, it's as simple and frightening as that. Obama is a highly logical and scienti?cally minded man, and would surround himself with the best minds in the world concerning challenges like Global Warming, the destruction of the Earth's oceans and the coming changes to the Earth's climate and ecology.    I would love to have been a ?y on the wall during a closed door meeting that must surely have occurred where he asked, "Gentlemen and Ladies, tell me, how bad is it really?"   You know they are not going to let the general public know the answer to THAT question!   But one thing we do know is that these kind of global changes have a momentum... Like trying to stop a tidal wave, once the shift can be seen, it is FAR too late to stop it. It is ON you!    Recent developments like BP's gulf oil disaster and Fukishima are quickly compounding an already disastrous chain of events as the life support system of 2 oceans begin to fail.  Recently hundreds of whales began to gather off the coast of California in something Oceanographers and marine biologists have NEVER seen before.
One whale even rose up from the water and laid it's head on the deck of the boat. My god they are attempting to communicate with us.  If I might venture an attempt at interpretation, they are saying, "We're dying! ..You did this...Can you ?x it?...We're dying! Alas, there is nothing we can do for them, as Fukishima's radioactive plume crosses the Paci?c, they will die, along with the seals and other marine mammals ?rst, and then followed by other upper food chain preditors, including ourselves. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the collapse is already underway, and global changes have a momentum....you can't stop it, and sadly, as the food chain collapses, and the Earth's ecology struggles to reset itself, we are in for a really lousy couple of hundred years.

And in the bitterest of ironies, we will need Monsanto, and their GMO's for the survival of the human race.

Copyright 2017 by Dennis Putscher. All Rights Reserved.
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